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Clown Trend Turns Into A Jersey!

October 16, 2016

Clown Trend Turns Into A Jersey!

Recently you may have heard about these creepy clowns attacking people, Kidnapping
people, or just being creepy. Not all clowns are creepy. Not all clowns are attacking people. These "creepy" clowns posted on twitter that they were going to be attacking schools after they let out and the police wanted to make everyone aware that this could happen. Well nowadays with social media being used over 80% in the united states things get popular really fast! People all over the world are making jokes and fake attack videos about the clowns so

we decided to make a cool but not creepy jersey so that you can scare your friend in it! This jersey is made with breathable, polyester mesh material and machine washable. The jersey has a unique design with a clown smiling.

If you like to check out the clown jersey or purchase it press the link below!

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